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In My Heart

The great disaster that befell us on October 7, 2023, Simchat Torah, hit every household in Israel. Over 1,400 dead, over 240 abducted and held hostage. A massacre the likes of which has not been seen in decades.
Now, 30 days later, we invite the public and various communities to take part in creating memorial events. We will remember the people who were murdered, and we will pray for the recovery of the wounded and for the safety of those held hostage.
Each community is invited to build an event according to its character and its values. Communities interested in taking part in the project are invited to register through this website so you can receive the materials compiled by the organizations partnering in the project, and for mutual consultations and shared thinking.
This initiative is being led by IACC (the Israeli Association for Community Centers). Among the main organizations that contributed to the creation of the project: ‘Beit Hillel - attentive Torah leadership”, and the ‘Israeli Rabbinate’, a joint program of the Shalom Hartman Institute and of The Midrasha at Oranim.

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